MAC Address

Just a curious question. I have received the latest firmware (4.6.328252.28) and 4Stream app (released 9/22/2021) today. I was messing around with static IP using the web page of the device by visiting the IP address in a browser, I love this feature!

I noticed the MAC address of my device showing on the page is 00:22:6C:25:50:75, which matches the MAC address in the 4Stream app. On my router, Nighthawk X4 R7500v2 is showing the address of the device as 00:22:6C:25:50:77, note the last pair is different. I checked all of my devices and this is the case. Plus, it is always off by 2, lower than what is shown on the device is showing.

Does anyone know why? I was going to reserve addresses on my router, by MAC, just wondering why this may be.

UPDATE: I see, using command=getStatusEx shows a MAC and STA_MAC. The device is reporting the MAC, but my router is seeing the STA_MAC as the address. Why?

Thanks for any input.


@Jarrod_Armstrong Jarrod,

I need to get this validated by Franck @zpl1025. but I think that
MAC = MAC address of Physical LAN Card
STA_MAC = MAC Address of the WiFi Card.

Does this make sense now in your case ?

Regards, Kevin

The one you see on sticker or APP is the MAC used for the AP mode, which means clients can connect to it.
When connect to other AP as client via WIFI, it’s in station mode, and the MAC will be +2
When connect to router via ethernet, the MAC will be +3

Yes and no. My Mini’s don’t have an physical LAN connection, so would they have an address?

Thanks for your input, Kevin.