Loxone and Arylic


I integrated Arylic with Loxone home automation. I have 5 zones, a stack of 5 Up2Stream Amp boards, and (mostly) ceiling speakers. Amps are controlled via HTTP commands sent from Loxone Miniserver. Users use just a simple wall switch (touch) to change between presets (short touch: preset 1 → preset 2 → … → preset 6 → preset 1 …) or turn it off (long touch). The presets are set by 4STREAM mobile app. Those are usually internet radios, or Spotify playlists. E.g., there are various bird song or nature sound stations for the toilet zone, meditation channels for sauna and wellness, etc. I also created a panel in the Loxone mobile app for controlling the Arylic Amps, but nobody uses it. The wall switch is mostly used, and 4STREAM is used when a change in presets is needed.


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