Low Volume Issue with B50 Amp

Hi Guys,

I am facing low volume issue from my B50 amp.
I am using it with my 30W bookshelf speakers. The volume output is very low, i have to increase the max level to hear.
Is anyone facing same issue? Please help me out to sort out the issue….
Thanks in advance……

What is the impedance of your speakers?

Hi Sir,

Speakers are 6 Ohm.

In my experience the gain is not set high enough within in the device to exploit the full power from the amplifier chip. The gain for the various inputs can be set individually and globally within the ACP workbench software on both the input and output sides. Probably the amp gain is conservatively set from the factory to improve noise characteristics.

Also adjustments to EQ effect the volume.

I can drive brutish Jamo s718 to 100db after gain adjustment as opposed to 80db out of the box. That said there may not be too much headroom for gain adjustment depending on your speakers sensitivity. With low sensitivity speakers you will reach the current limit more quickly and the amp flashes like a Christmas tree. Interestingly the B50SE seems to have more usable power than the B50 as it uses a different amp chip.

Thanks Sir,

For your response and support.

I will try with adjusting with gain.