Loud garbled distortion happening when playing over Bluetooth form phone.

I am having my first issue with the B50. Sometimes I get this loud garbled distorted interruption during playback. It sounds like the music is played super fast and garbled with added digital distortion. It’s much louder than the current playback volume which makes it worse. This only happen when playing from a phone over Bluetooth (which is what I do them most). And when it starts happening I have to totally power down the B50 and reconnect my phone. What could this be? It’s really hurtful to the ears and probably to the speakers too.

Could you record for a short period sound clip? I never heard of such issue yet.

I will try. This happens randomly. Sometimes after an hour, sometimes not at all. I would have to have a second device recording for hours to capture it. I will see what I can do.

@zpl1025 I finally caught it on a recording. I was in another room as you can hear the music is very music but the distortion Is full volume. Pretty annoying. You can hear the recording here:

B50 Bluetooth Distortion

Strange noise … what’s the input of B50? And do you have any idea for the condition for how to get this noise? We’ve done several testing but did not get it.

This recording is while playing over Bluetooth using a phone. That’s how we use the B50 the most. This happens randomly so i had to record for a couple of hours to catch the sound. Sometimes it happens after 10 minutes, sometimes after two hours. The problem is that the noise is much louder than the actual volume and people scream “make it stop!” When it happens and hold their ears.