Looking for a truly shielded USB cable, where?

I am looking for a properly shielded USB cable to get power to the Up2Stream Mini v3. So USB standard plug, to USB-micro.

Many suppliers claim they deliver shielded USB-cables, but when you open them up, they are not.

Sometimes the shield is not there at all:

Sometimes the cable itself is shielded, but the connectors are not:

Sometimes the connector has a shielded shell, but is crimped on a plastic molding instead of being crimped on the cable shield:

My question
Who can help me find a properly shielded USB-to-USB-micro cable, of at least 65cm?

@KolfMAKER my suggestion would be to buy the cable (which will have a specification attached to it) and do your own ends. At least this way you know the cable spec. A soldered joint is a soldered joint and a crimped joint is a crimped joint. If the cable is the most important element then maybe buy separately. :thinking: Another advantage thinking aloud is the length as you want it a your preferred connection type :slightly_smiling_face:

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Why are you wanting Shielded Cable?
What’s wrong with non-Shielded?

Any unshielded cable that you add, can act like an ‘antenna for picking up noise/hum/etc’. In my case I work a lot with active speakers and Up2Stream Mini. For powering the Mini, I prefer to use a USB cable. But for the reason mentioned, a shielded one.

In the meantime I did find a shielded USB cable where the wire shields are connected to the connectors: is DeLock 83915

Hi Kolf, you better make one yourself because most usb cables have twisted wires and you dont want that for DC (to not create a coil). Shielding only at the source side when its only dc. Probably your first blue cable picture is shielded until the connecter.

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Thanks for mentioning @riba

The ‘DeLock’ cables I am using are non-twisted.
But anyhow, your remark is relevant!