Logitech Media Server (LMS) AirPlay Bridge with Arylic Up2Stream Amp V4 does not sync


I have build a system using the Arylic Up2Stream Amp V4 that works perfect. It is recognized by the AirPlay Bridge of the Logitech Media Server (LMS) and can be controlled as other devices. However, when I start synchronization with another LMS player (either a Squeezebox device or another device via the AirPlay Bridge [I have WHD and Bose]) then I get a delay in the Arylic system. Syncing of e.g. WHD / Bose / Squeesebox devices only is no problem and works fine.

I tried different settings but was not able to solve this issue.

Does anyone has the same issue and was able to solve it or any other suggestion here?

Or does synchronisation with Arylic simply does not work with the LMS AirPlay Bridge?

Thanks for your help


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