Living Room Sound System with Arylic 2.1 Up2 Stream Amp

Just want you to give a short recommendation of the up2stream board with showing my own DIY project with that.
The goal was to have a centered solution for my living room requirements, including hearing music, watch tv with the most possible connections (Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, AUX, Optical) - connected to my canton stereo speakers. I added the optical audio extension board there. Works fine!

I was able to discover the arylic boards as the best solution to do. Its not necessarily expensive, and you can do a lot with it and Iam just happy with - got it for 1,5 years ago.

check out the pictures

Hi Freejo489,

Just in case you want to build another version of your device: You do not need to use the IR receiver of the Arylic board but you can use an external one instead. Since these cheap IR receivers are also available in a format identical to 5mm LEDs it is very easy to mount them to the front plate. Either directly or using a standard LED socket (in chrome or whatever). For this, you do not need to desolder the original IR receiver from the board or solder the wires directly onto the board. Instead, you can just use the 9pin connector of the board. Details have been discussed in this thread:

Regards, Sven


ok nice. Thank you!