Live stream via phone microphone

I’m wondering if anyone has achieved the above - i.e. a live PA/announcement stream via the Arylic-connected speakers. My current thinking out loud solution is to

a) create my own locally hosted streaming web radio server that I can broadcast to from my phone.
b) find some solution to record an mp3 on my phone and instantly cast it to the lead arylic board.

Any other ideas?

@Ingenuity Welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:

I would say that the the Arylic Connected Speakers are a DLNA / Airplay1 Compliant device.

The a) and b) functionality can be provided by “Front End” Applications of your choice. So for example is your phone Android or iPhone ? This will dictate the apps available for the functionality required.

If you want functionality above and beyond a phone apps it can be achieved with developer skills.

Hope this helps