Listening Room Setup Project

Minimilst listing room setup.
Breaking all the audiofile rules with the speakers on the same surface as the Phonograph and A2D - D2A playback.

Rotel intigraded amplifier
Elipson Planet L speakers
Schiit Modi 3 Dac
B&O Beogram Turntable.
Up2stream V3 Pro

I originally planned on using a U-Turn Orbit to match the Minimilst aesthetic and because it has a built in preamp, but the B&O offered a little more real estate in the back to hide wireing and I already had it lying around.

The amplifer is hidden in my understairs closet behind the adjacent wall along with the DAC. Power is switched on through a ZigBee relay that can also be trigged by button press behind the turntable. Fourtenly trim was removed when my floors were installed so I had the opportunity to run the wires. I ran Two fibers, 3 coax, Speaker wire pairs and pairs for 12v for the Turn table preamp and input light and 5v for the V3 and D2D fiber converter. A 1 by 3 is used to house some wiring, RGB input light, Power button and Rotary encoder with button. Pressing the rotary encoder changes the input. The momentary power button uses a spare coax to turn on the ZigBee relay in the closet. I use TLP592AF Solid state relay’s to drive the indicator. They are a little pricey but offer the ability to be wired common Cathode or Anode and offer Opto isolation and a wide voltage range. Drawing attached. The Arylic case slides right into the wall the turn table is plugged into a recessed receptical. I plan on using a spare Analog pair to have the option to run the turn table directly into the amp in the future. For now it sounds decent and can be heard in multiple rooms connected to the V3. Probably will come up with a solution that makes it switchable in the future. That’s it!