Line Out on Up2Stream Mini: how much mV ?

As a kind of industry standard, Line levels for audio source equipment (e.g. Tape, CD) are 0.316 volt.

What is the voltage value for Line on the Up2Stream Mini?


I was wondering is there a particular reason you need to know this?

I’m planning on rebuilding my outdoor system after I finish my current build, it has a mini inside. I can measure then if you can wait?


Thanks for your response Steve!

My question is coming from this …
I have an Up2Stream Mini connected to an active speaker (with built in amp). But if I connect a standard CD-player to the active speaker, the sound level coming through is a bit louder than the sound level coming from the Up2Stream Mini.

Therefor I wonder if the LINE Out of the Up2Stream Mini is less that the standard Line levels of other audio source equipment.

Hi Ernst,

Ok, got you. That’s a question that Arylic should be able to answer easily, but if you can wait, I will measure.

I don’t have a true RMS multimeter but can measure peak with the meter or scope and do a pretty close RMS voltage with *0.7 peak.

Hi again Ernst,
I ran a a sine wave tone to the mini and measured the output on a scope, the result was 1.1Vpp which is .3889V rms.

If test with 0dB sine wave file, and no EQ, no limitor activated, the DAC would output with about 1Vrms level.

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Thanks Frank!