Line In stream to other devices

Hi, I’m wondering if its possible to use a Up2stream Pro v3 to stream the line-in to another device, such as a phone running the 4Stream app or a PC (perhaps running VLC or something)?

We have a small soundproof studio in the garden with a wired network to the house. We’d like to be able to hear the audio from the studio in the house now and again when we have friends round.

I’ve done a fair bit of searching this forum already and I suspect the answer is that I need another up2stream and sync them. But I’m not 100%

Thank you!

Hi Amanda,
The app is a control device only. You can share music files from a computer to a single Arylic device, for line in from a CD player or TT etc. the simplest method would be using two Arylic devices.

Hi, thanks for confirming. I’m going to have a play around with a Pi, I think that might be a better option for me.