Latest build

I finished my latest build today, a Pro version 3 board with a ES9018 DAC board and a remote linear power supply.
I had no issues with this build and I am very happy with the results.


@Steve1 Steve,

I hope it sounds as good as it looks :joy:

Great Design, Beautifully Assembled and nice photos :+1:

When you say remote Power Supply do you mean that there is Only a 5VDC PSU that is not shown (or integrated in the enclosure) ?

What is the Function of the Heat Sink (finned thing in bottom LHS). What is connected to ? The DAC Board ? Or Something Else ?

Regards, Kevin

Hi Kevin,

The main power supply is in a separate enclosure, it contains a 15v 2A power E core transformer and a Analogmetric ( LV30 variable voltage regulator set to 12v

The 12v is required for the DAC, under the heatsink is a LT1963 low noise 5v linear power supply module which feeds the Pro V3 board.

The power supply is remote switched from the front of the Pro V3 / DAC enclosure. I sourced the black enclosure on eBay.

Yeah, I’m really happy with the result,it’s even more satisfying when you first turn it on and everything works!

Cheers, Steve

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There seems to be plenty of options for this on the tinternet. Do you mind sharing exactly which board/model/link you used ?

Kind Regards, Kevin

Hi Kevin,

This is the one that I used:

Cheers, Steve

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Hi Steve
Looks like a great Project. Is it possible you could draw up how the Pro-3 is connected to the DAC-board ?


Hi Thomas,
Thanks for the compliment :+1:. The connection is very straightforward with only three connections required (see sketch) I used the connection leads that were supplied, soldered them together and sealed with heat shrink tube. Try to keep the wires as short as possible to avoid any possible interference.