Just quoted a New install with Arylic

Hi All, I’m a system integrator and after some testing at home, I felt comfortable quoting Arylic Mono for a large venue installation. I do have some feature requests that I think would also benefit Multi Zone home users.

  1. Zones.
    The 4Stream app focuses on the literal amplifers as the Zone, I would prefer to see abstract Zones that can be groups of Amps, with Amps able to be memebers of more than one Zone (Mixing). To explain this better, lets say we have 3 amps, A,B and C and we are playing spotify to A and B lets call this Zone “Function Room”, Amp C is Zone “Outside” We commonly make announcements to the “Function Room” and “Outside” with a Wireless mic on Line in of an S10. It would be great to be able to create a Virtual Zone call “Whole Club” that A,B and C are members of (Multicast Group memebers) so we can make a PA announcement that overides spotify and goes tyo AMP A,B and C without the user having to change the Amp grouping…

  2. Sources
    I’d like to be able to Label the Inputs to the Amps independentIy of the Zones, for example if Amp A “Function Room” has a line in call “Fox Sports” I would like to be able to play this to any Zone eg “Outside” while the “Function room” was still listening to Spotify,
    I would like to see Zones select a couple of sources in priority and be able to mix them in the Amp. Voice Overide would also be good feature so there is no need for an operator to mute Audio before making a PA announcement. Prioritisation of Sources would be good.

3 Control
I would like to see function buttons in the 4Stream app that apply a predefined configuration to the Amps such as Grouping and Source Selection.

@Audio-Installer Adam

Welcome to the forum. There are a lot of supportive and friendly people here :slight_smile:

I think the Application is very interesting as are your Functional Requests. I think there are people on the forum with a good knowledge of venue installations so maybe search around on the forum a bit.

I think all you suggest is technically possible but I think it unlikely that you will see this as a “standard” built into the APP fairly soon. So I would suggest the following:-

a. Do it yourself,
b. find a Software Engineer that could do this for you
c. contact Arylic direct and see what they think

Hope this helps