JRiver as a media server

I’m just wondering if anyone has tried JRiver Media Centre software as a server? I believe that it includes a DLNA server, renderer and controller.
If you are using, I would like to know how it performs before diving in and trying myself.

Hi, DLNA render not work fine in the devices based on linkplay modules.


Hi juanantofb,

Thanks for your reply, but please elaborate.

Please excuse my ignorance but I understand that a UPnP/DLNA plugin is required on Foobar to enable it to work with the system, so why wouldn’t JRiver work if the UPnP/DLNA is a built in feature?

What am I missing?


Hi, sorry for my english.

foobar work as server and renderer.

If you want play music in jriber or foobar, via dlna in linkplay devices, you experiment problems, cut of begin of song, problem to change song manually, etc…

I recomend you, that use foobar as render installing the adecuate addon.

Or think in a rpi with one of the distros dedicated exclusibe to music.

I has been tryed several devices with A31, A68, and A98 LinkPlay modules, none of all work fine as dlna renderer.


Thanks for your reply. I’m already using Foobar as my music server on a win10 PC, it’s okay, but just looking for alternatives that I might use.

I would be interested to hear what systems other users are employing?

I am using Jriver as a server and Jremote to control my media. I am using an Up2Stream HD DAC and the beginning of each song is cut off. It isn’t horrible (probably less than a second) but bad enough to be annoying.

Hi rec_head,
Firstly, I see that it’s your first post so welcome to the Arylic forum.
Thank you for your input re JRiver and forgive my ignorance, is the JRemote required to stream or is it a remote control only?
It’s unfortunate that you have a partial skip on the start of playing, it would be annoying to me too.
I’m still undecided about changing from Foobar, so other users experiences are very beneficial to me.

Thanks for the warm welcome. I just got my Arylics and they have been so easy.

Jremote is only a remote and not required.

I will try the Foobar setup when I get a chance to set it up. I’m going to check on the Jriver forum to see if anyone is using this combo.

I have not been able to spend much time listening to music lately but I tried a couple days ago and I could not play music to my Up2Stream HD DAC from Jriver. I tried using Jremote and MO4Media. I am trying to stream via DLNA. Jremote and MO4Media are remotes that run on my phone (Pixel 6 Android 13). Both apps can see the Up2Stream HD DAC but neither will play music to them.

Using the 4Stream app I can see my music server (Jriver as generic DLNA server) and play music from it. The problem is that it is very slow and all of my music is organized in Jriver. Using Jremote or MO4Media is a much better experience.

Is anyone else successful using Jremote or MO4media?

Jriver is very good at being standards compliant and I am sure they can help the Up2Stream HD DAC developers if you have any questions.

Yesterday I reset the Up2Stream but it did not help. I can connect to my A30+30.