Join Our Last Innovation - Bluetooth LE Audio !

Hello Everyone, This is Joy from Arylic.:grin:

We are now planning a new product with Bluetooth LE audio, we invite you to join us and share your thoughts and ideas. Let’s create something extraordinary together! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

:pushpin:Product Background:
Bluetooth Amplifier Board + Bluetooth LE Audio

About Bluetooth LE Audio:

  • One master device can stream audio to multiple devices via Bluetooth simultaneously
  • Unlimited number of slave devices under Bluetooth range
  • There is a 100-ms delay between the master and slave devices.

:raising_hand_woman::raising_hand_man::person_raising_hand:What do we want to know?
- What features do you want in our new product?

:point_right: Your comments are invaluable to us, and we assure you that each one will be carefully reviewed. However, due to limited resources, we may not be able to respond to every comment individually.

Rest assured, we will prioritize incorporating the most requested features into our board. If you see a great idea, simply click ‘:heartbeat:like,’ and we’ll take note of popular suggestions.

Feel free to make your list below! Arylic can’t wait to make new products with you!

:loud_sound:PS: Contributors whose ideas are adopted by us will have the exclusive chance to be among the first to try the product! Valid to 03/18/2024


Your product idea sounds good. My wish list is that the device should be like a digital preamp incorporating the BP1048B2 DSP (or similar) functionality.

  • The digital preamp is placed between the audio source and sound system.
  • The DSP allows for EQ, Bass and Stage corrections to be made in the digital domain so very little degradation of audio quality.

I currently use the BP50 like this taking USB audio signal from my TV and then relaying the signal to my home theatre via Bluetooth. Home theatre systems are good for movies but typically less impressive for stereo. User adjusted DSP in the signal chain can dramatically improve sound system performance in many cases. Various levels of harmonic excitation and stage effects are what differentiate audio equipment. Swapping tubes, rolling op-amps, changing amplifier class and maybe different cables influence harmonic excitation and stage effects. Why do different DAC’s sound different? Stealthy DSP marketed as high end purity?

A simple DSP dongle with programmable presets whereby the user can control EQ, Bass, harmonic excitation and stage effects can be a universal tool for the audio world.

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Hi Joy,

My suggestion would be to offer an option of a DIY board so that it could be incorporated into other projects or equipment.

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Hi William, thanks for your feedback, I think you’re talking about a different type, we could think about it next time. And for sure, that we’ll still use the BP1048 chipset to support the whole system. This time, we are trying to bring the latest LE Audio board to customer, so it basically will be a board like AMP V4, but replace the A31 module with a Bluetooth module which support LE Audio.

I want to explain a bit more about the LE Audio. For example, you connect to Bluetooth of board A and play music or switch to external input eg: USB/AUX/OPT, and activate the LE Audio casting for A, and B,C,D,E,… could receive this casting and output sound. So, you could imagine you’ve placed 10 or more speakers in your backyard and enjoy the music everywhere. And the latency between each device: A-B: about 100ms; B-C,B-D, etc: none in theory. And the range would be better from the spec, saying 30m without blocking, but we need test to get the real data, it also depends on the antenna and layout.

And some more points which we’re considering:

  • A battery extension board which support to use with 18650 batteries
  • Use a digital input amplifier chip
  • Add optical input
  • Add a port to work with OLED display board
  • Add a port to work with a lighting control

If you have some ideas in working with our old Up2Stream series boards, could comment and we’ll study about it.

Hi Steve, yes, we’re working on the DIY board first.

  • Add optical input :heavy_check_mark:
  • Add a port to work with OLED display board :heavy_check_mark:
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Adding ARC input would be amazing. It would allow us to create a TV/home base source and setups.

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Great idea Deniz, maybe the ARC and optical could be a stand alone add on boards so the buyer could optimise to their own requirements.

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I guess this means that you will never use the amp and Bluetooth outputs at the same time? Or will it be possible to time align the amplifier output to match the Bluetooth transmission?

Similar functionality is currently available in B50 all be it with a max of 2 Bluetooth channels being transmitted. Our ears are very sensitive to sound delays, 20 milliseconds is perceptible, 100 ms is a strong echo.

As William stated, if there’s going to be a 100 millisecond delay, there’s little point having an amplifier built into the unit as an echo will be perceived by the listener.

My suggestion would be a ‘main board’ adaptable to the following:


SPDIF - via a add on board
Optical - via a add on board
HDMI eARC - via a add on board


SPDIF - via a add on board
Optical - via a add on board


Button board
IR extension
Volume control board

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Hi William, Yes, you are right. This is a similar feature on the B50 that can transmit to 2 devices at the same time. With the latest Bluetooth technology, LE audio, we can receive the audio signal from a phone and broadcast it to multiple devices at the same time. And there is no limitation for the slave devices within the Bluetooth range. These are the main breakthroughs of the new Bluetooth audio.

As for the delay, this is the figure under broadcast mode.
We will check if there is any way to improve the delay.

Thanks for your nice feedback!

Thanks Steve!

That is make sense😁
For the volume board, I think you mean volume knob?

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I don’t have an application for broadcasting audio to multiple bluetooth devices so far, but i would very much welcome it if the delay for bluetooth input were significantly shorter. I currently have two Plate Amp 2.0 and a S10 in use and due to the long delay they are not suitable for streaming videos from my (android) phone and outputting the sound via the speakers.

It would also be nice if the sound settings were the same everywhere (app, web interface, remote control). Compared to the web interface, I miss the option of selecting EQ presets and switching functions such as virtual bass on and off in the app.

I would also like to be able to set extensions such as virtual bass more precisely in the app, as you can do with ACPWorkbench. While we’re on the subject: I wouldn’t buy a board without parametric EQ (ACPWorkbench support) because i use this on all my projects.

Kind regards,

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Among many other advantages, Bluetooth LE Audio (Auracast) is extremely interesting for hearing aid users.
Because of a drop in the high frequency range I have new hearing aids for Bluetooth LE but so far there are almost no playback devices for it.
I would be interested in a device without a power amplifier that I could use to send Auracast (LE) to my hearing aids.
It would be perfect with DSP, I think that would be a stand-alone feature that I could do a lot with.
All in all, I’m very happy with my Arylic devices and I’m looking forward to new products!

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