James Brown 3cd pack one hour job

Hi,a wanna share my speady job that a make today. This couple of days i looking for some box to put v3 amplifier in Amplifier Board with WIFI | DIY Amplifier Kit-Arylic.com โ€“ arylic was thinking about wooden box from tool box or something similar but I canโ€™t find nothing home :slight_smile: , when i bought the amp i use in plastic box from a amplifier package,i open some holes for cooling and for connections and i used like that couple of months,then i order the remote and later order a volume potentiometer. it was time to put all together in one box all connected and today i spoted James Brown 3cd pack on my shelf and i think this will be cute amplifier box,after one hour of messy job end up interesting :slight_smile: also i find wi fi antenna from broken android box and I manage to connect, i resolger the ir remote sensor and i extended with wire to glue on front panel where i make a hole on Brown O letter , Also i put two stereo output jack connectors for use just like streamer if i want.

Speakers are Orange guitar passive cabinet with full range drivers that i change with Visaton two way coaxial cealing speaker drivers. Overall Iโ€™m satisfied with all project and the sound is good what is more important.

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