It’s Alive!

Finished up Bassenstein.

Challenge was to build a box that would rumble the living room but not be too large. Went with an old school boom box layout. 1 1/4 dome tweets with 6 1/2 woofers in stereo configuration, supported by a 7 1/4 mono subwoofer powered by the 2.1 amp. Passive crossover split up the woofer and tweeter duties while the subwoofer is crossed through onboard dsp. Dsp also used for eq correction. Mini Jack aux input, usb input, Bluetooth and Ethernet port. Top handle is also the subwoofer port.

Tuned to 40hz but has surprisingly good response down to about 32 and rolls off. Nice tight well damped bass. No boxiness or 50 hertz one note boom. Covered in the baffle cloth from everyone’s favorite country music theatre I salvaged like 10 years ago hence it’s slightly ragged look. I’m pretty sure that stuff is from 1974.

Any way kinda unique and sounds great. Ships out tomorrow to a relative for a birthday present. I’m going to miss it.