Is it possible? (2 line ins, 1 line out)


I am thinking about a possibility in my project that would require me to switch on/off the line in and line out in a Up2Stream V4 board.
Is it possible to turn those on or off somehow?

Also, there is a line in p10 stereo and a line in based in pins. I don´t know if they are the same or if there are 2 independent line ins. If the second, is there a way to switch which to use?

Gabriel Simões

I’m not sure what’s your project requirement. For the line-in, when you select other input source like Bluetooth, the line-in will be not activated then. For the line-out, I just say it’s possible with customized firmware, currently it’s always have output.

The aux socket and the ph2.0 pins are same input, placed the ph2.0 in case someone need to connect with wires. Not another group line-in.