Hi, some days now all my 1 - 10 internet radio stations fail to play. When I try to find a new station in browse/Internet Radio there are zero stations listet. Am I alone with that issue? Still working is stream URL in the browse/Open Network Stream compartment. My devices are Up2Stream Amp, Up2Stream Mini, and others. Thank you!

Same problem over here. But only with android, It seems a problem with android because iphone is working oke.

Same problem for me ( belgium & android / S50pro+ )

@biky I have the same problem, that’s why I wrote here earlier how important it would be for the device to remain independent of these third-party services, one of them thinks about it and terminates the service, and then the device manufacturer opens its arms - and then you can throw away your expensive device to the garbage…

The problem looks global, maybe the WiiM forum is more informative: vTuner no longer works? | WiiM

It is most likely something in the internet radio of the 4STREAM android app. As a (temporary?) solution, I now have the legacy player app (previously Muzo player) with Tune-in and it works perfectly. Hopefully there will be an update soon.

The fault has now been resolved and everything is working perfectly again. It seems there was a problem in internet radio (vtuner). We are happy that everything is working properly again.

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same here, I am happy about it! If internet radio is not working, all my Arylic products are quite useless for me.

Hello, i’ve reseted my S50pro+, uninstaled the 4stream apk, then make the installation from zero for the box and the apk, and all came back to normal and works perfectly … even “inernet radio’s” works well

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