Integrate with existing receiver

Currently doing some fairly significant renovation to our house and I would like to add whole house audio while I am at it. The rooms that I want to target are: living room, dining room, kitchen, and our bedroom.

Adding audio to the dining room, kitchen, and our bedroom seems fairly straightforward. Planning to add a pair of Micca M-8C 8 Inch 2-Way In-Ceiling Speakers to each room. Those will be connected via speaker wire back to individual Up2Stream Amp V4 DIY boards in my office area. They will all be hardwired directly into a switch for network connectivity. That all makes sense and seems fairly straight-forward.

For the living room, I have a Pioneer receiver that has several devices connected: Apple TV, BluRay player, and game console. The receiver powers a 3.1 speaker configuration: left, right, center, and sub.

My goals for the living room are to be able to play sources that are connected to the receiver and deliver the sound to the living room speakers and to the other areas of the house. Normal scenario would be watching football on the TV in the living room and being able to hear the same audio in the kitchen.

In this video, The BEST Multi Room Audio - Arylic System - YouTube, at 2m 30s, he says that he is using the S50. He is running the RCA audio from the TV to the S50 and then RCA into the receiver’s CD space. But that is a little different than my current setup because I run everything through my receiver.

How do I configure it so that I can use the receiver and 3.1 speakers normally in just the living room, but also support sending audio to the other units?

Thanks for any advice. It could be that I’ve got something stuck in my head about how I think it should work, versus how it actually needs to work.

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I have the same question did you figure it out?

It’s been decades since I was into home receivers but could you plug everything into the reciever, then connect the S50 to the tape deck out so whatever you selected on the receiver could be streamed in the group.

If I’m seeing your setup correctly I’d opt for the S50 Pro+

That unit has RCA out as well so you could plug that into your tape input and hit monitor button to hear the streamed audio on your reciever.

Or just any available RCA input selection like CD or Aux.

Then again, perhaps this isn’t what you were thinking of

One more fly in the ointment would be the TV audio in another room.

In my experience, any time I stream my TV audio to more than one unit, the sound gets delayed by 2 seconds in order for all units to catch up to the master streamer.

If you want more details on this I could explain it later.