Idea for a new module: HDMI ARC input

I’ve been shopping for a networked amplifier, and so far the A50+ and SA-100 are my favorites from Arylic.

But then, there is another product, from a contending brand, which apparently has all the same features as the A50+, but adding an HDMI ARC input. With it, I can control the AMP volume from the TV, which is a very nice feature to have.

How difficult could be to add a module for the DIY line with such functionality ? Even consider it for a future “finished” model ?

(I am yet to decide which one I buy: Arylic offers me peace of mind, with a mature product and a thriving community, coupled with reviews, etc. *** but *** the hdmi ARC input feature is very captivating).


Maybe this type of little card might work fine : Carte récepteur IIS compatible HDMI vers IIS I2S, carte de commutation avec commutation I2S | AliExpress

Could you provide a link to the “another product, from a contending brand” with HDMI ARC…?
I’m looking for something like that as well.
There are integrated amps with hdmi arc on the market, but they are bit too expensive.
A50+ with HDMI ARC is a dream product for me :drooling_face:

I would add to this that it would be an awesome feature for the plate amp if you ask me. Could make my own bookshelf speaker system and also use as a TV soundbar like the Klipsch “the fives” or something along those lines.