I2S to Arduino to PWM signal

I am thinking about connecting my Up2Stream Pro V3 board to a Arduino using the I2S protocol and converting the audio signal to a PWM signal using the Arduino, to drive some “VU Meters”. The meters are the well known TN-73, basically a DC motor with a VU backdrop.

My initial thought was to connect the analog output of the board to a driver board for the meters. The common driver boards found online just don’t give me the balistics i’m looking for and although there is a lot to be found about driving VU meters, i’m having a hard time figuring it all out.

That’s why i’m thinking about the Arduino solution, knowing I should be able to control the meter using a PWM signal and probably a resistor in series from the output, but my knowledge about I2S combined with Arduino is just none…

So, is there somebody here who happens to have some experience using I2S on a Arduino, and converting the audio signal to PWM to drive the meters?

Hi Bjorn,

Are you maybe overcomplicating the project? There are plenty of VU meter driver board’s available at very low cost. Most of them I’ve seen are adjustable and will work on line level or amplifier output level.