I love the SPYING and other BS!!!! Really, I do.

First off, I do like the product and have several of them.

I put one of the Up2Stream Pro’s in my “cart” today to check out how expensive shipping would be. Since I put the item in my cart, I have been sent 3 or 4 emails prompting me to finish my purchase of the item in the cart. Why so pushy? I have never had a company behave this way, and it is annoying as hell. I am even thinking of getting rid of the devices. I find this practice shady. Stop bothering me!!! So, friggin’ annoying.

The company doesn’t even provide new firmware like they used to. App updates are also few and far between. I have posted several times about the browser based EQ settings, that only work on one of my 6 devices. This was supposed to be a new feature from the last firmware, but it doesn’t really work. Y’all just seem to be stealing money.

I have also purchased the ACPWorkbench Tuning Tool for 2 computers, since the program can’t be used on more than one computer. To my surprise, this tool has never been updated! There are prompts/screens in the program that I can’t read since I don’t know the language. How about translating EVERYTHING to English and other languages, so the program will be useful? This is pathetic. How about making the “splash” screen go away after the main program starts? When I minimize the program, the splash screen is still up on my screen, blocking me from viewing other things on the computer. Did a 4th grader write this program? That is basic stuff to do when writing an application. I know this because it is what I do for a living.

If you are looking to purchase, steer clear and don’t let these people have your money.


Jarrod Armstrong


Honestly, i would agree with you. Project started superb, but slowly turned into expensive and not very supported thing. Just “barely cheaper” than Sonos is not good enough. The boards used in these amps can be purchased separately though from Linkplay.

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Hi Jarrod, regarding the EQ issue, I’ll look into it and prepare a version. We did not arrange too much upgrade because some users think they want to have a device which just do the work and don’t want to be disturbed.


I think your wasting your time guys, they seem to be totally indifferent to your comments. Disappointing to say the least.

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Let’s be honest though.
You left the items in your account in hopes that their system would send you a discount to finish your order ;p

And yeah lack of decent updates in annoying. Would really love a Linux or windows server with web UI for managing music devices and groups rather than 4stream app.

Currently testing squeezebox server with these devices running in dlna mode


Sorry, your assumption is wrong. I wasn’t looking to buy, just checking what shipping was to compare with Amazon pricing. It ends up being about the same, but you get it quicker with Amazon. Just helping a friend that didn’t know they were available on Amazon. He bought a couple, I should have let him use the coupon!!!

Let me know how the testing with squeezebox goes.

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I was controlling my playes from HomeAssistant.
Now i moved to couple SBCs with decent cheap DACs and squeezebox open source variant. Easier and more stable and not more expensive as i needed plate amps and those are expensive from Arylic.

I’ve got quite a few websites that do the same thing, and from much larger reputable companies too like REI, Under Armour and similar companies. We’ve saved your cart. Items in your cart are still available. The list goes on. It’s standard marketing and more and more companies are doing it. Get used to it. Arylic is not the outlier.