I call them Art Speakers

Based on Arylic’s Upstream Amp V4…


Nice build, looks like a 70s revival :+1:. Would you mind providing some technical details? Looks like a combination of a Dayton RS100-4 with a passive radiator.

Nice build and wonderful look, and really an art speaker. :grinning:
Maybe it is perfect if you can share with us more details about how you make it, then we can know much more information about the project and the Amp V4 :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:


Really nice project!
I’ll be glad to see the inside. Have you some others pictures to post?
Why do you choose this configuration speakers one behind the other? I think it’s strange about acoustic response but maybe i’m wrong.

Thanks for your answer!

My apologies for the very late reply. Yes, you’re right. It’s a combo of a RS100 and a DS115 passive radiator. Internal volume is about 2.5L. Speaker cabinet is completely 3D printed with finishing in fabric & wood.

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My apologies for the very late reply. It just occurred to me I had some unanswered questions on my post. I have not measured the frequency response as of yet and I mostly tune it by ear using ACP Workbench. I must say it is sounding surprisingly good for it’s size. That said, yes I should get the speaker frequency response measured just to give me some baseline measurements.

My apologies for the very late response. Here’s another one that I made. Each speaker has an internal volume of about 2.5L in a full range RS100 X DS115 passive radiator combo. Sounding pretty good if I may say.