I am trying to use the HTTP API to control the audio devices A30+ from as KNX system. For that purpose I need a KNX/IP interface. Do anyone know something related to that? How can I do it? which KNX/IP device can I use for that?

Thanks in adavance

Same for me. I know that already with BAB EIBPORT V3 but 1200€… i think small solution.
Or maybe i try with Node Red HAss and ABA/s1.2.1…

If work, i need more 14 up2stream V4 for my home

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I have made some advances to integrate HTTP with KNX. It can be done using a simple KNX/IP interface (for example WEINZIERL 771) and some app to make an interface between KNX world and IP world. In that way, you can setup buttons in the app, some of the for KNX objects, others to send HTTP sommands to the speakers. It works fine

could you please show the code of the app?

greetings from austria…

Certainly. Do you have knowledgement of Java Android programming?

Oh, no…
I’ll try it via http and API-Commands…

Greetings from Austria

I will be happy to help you as far as I can. I have an example in java (windows), javascript (windows), phyton (windows) and app in android. Which do you think can be useful for you?

Hi one solution to connect the KNX system with Arylic HTTP API is to use an KNX- IP interface or KNX-IP Router from whatever producer You may find cheaper and the use of Node-RED
Node-red is e visual programing tool build on node js.
Node-Red can be installed on a raspberry pi and there you can create the control flows. The best library for KNX is the KNX ultimate of Supergiovane.