HTTP API : reboot


is the reboot command supported on all devices?
if i send this :
i get back “uknown command”

i have an A50, running beta firmware


It doesnt work on my S10 on 4.2.9326.27

‘command=poweroff’ works but i haven’t found a restart or reboot command yet
( connected ethernet).

i can get the status info but i cant make the app connect or make it properly restart without power off/on.
i also often have problems after a timed shutdown of getting App to reconnect forcing physical off/on to re-establish connection

yeah, i want to reboot mine, seems i have soetimes spotify connect issues… the device was gone from spotify
also lan connected here

I am also looking for a remote restart, today the wifi connection of one of my devices has become unstable and a bit far from me, it would have been easier (for example from 4Stream) to issue a restart command but i searched in vain i couldn’t find it in the app either in the httpapi list.