HTTP API : battery

Iin WIFI_AUDIO_HTTP_API_arylic.pdf there are listed “battery” and “battery_percent” commands, but how to use them?
Is it possible to use Amp v.4 to read connected BMS module status?

What happened to site, it is unreachable

Maybe this is a reserved command for standalone devices using the A31 module.

@Sage. Note that the full httpapi is defined by Linkplay. There can certainly be battery powered devices made by other manufacturers using the A31 Module. I am not aware of a battery powered Arylic A31 Device.

How is your BMS connected to the amp ?

Regards, Kevin

just with DC cable - 18.5V average (5*3,7V), 20,5V Full batteries, 14V Drained)
It would be useful that one can enter MIN and MAX values in settings, so the system can report battery level according to these values

@sage Jurica,

I would certainly like to understand more about battery systems generally and monitoring of them e.g. Voltage & stored energy. Does you’re BMS system have outputs that provide this information ?

Regards, Kevin

Just 4 level LED output for info

OK, Any recommendations for makes & models ?

Dayton Audio BMS

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