How using ACP Workbench to configure the S50 Pro+ DSP?

hi, I just received it and … there is no USB Input to plug it to the ACP Workbench tool ;
:frowning: so, no way to tune the DSP parameters as on the other boards??
Any solution ? it kills my project to use the filters and Equalisers

It appears from the comparison table that the S50 Pro+ does not support the tuning tool software

Oups, i didn’t see this, thanks Steve. the issue is that I have a 2.1 setup with a sub and 2 small broadband satellites on which I cannot send the frequences bellow 100hz, to limit the XMax. So, I will need to buy a high quality DSP, or analogic Highpass AOP 24db filters. I scratch my head… ideas from the community are welcome :wink:

Hi @Steve1 , i checked the tables, but i did not find the old S50 pro in the list. What is the situation with the old, discontinued product (for example old Up2Stream Amp)?


Hi Zitev,
As far as I’m aware the software works with the devices shown in the image below


Thanks for your support, I will buy a 2 ways analogic filter to set a high pass on the satellites. It s really a pity there is no configurable DSP on this very good device.

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