How to use Google Chromecast TV Remote for A50+ (Soundbar)

Hello, I am using a A50+ as Amp for my Speakers that serve mostly to listen to the TV. On the TV I only use the GoogleChromecast TV as a source.

So I connectet the Arylic via optical cable to the TV.

In the settings for the Googlechromecast I can teach the remote to adjust the Audio of the TV or a Soundbar or a AV-Receiver but the Arylic system is not listed to set it up.

So this question is more about the ChromecastTV as it is about the arylic or what protokolls are used by the Arylic Remote that I can teach the Chromecast? It would be enough to turn the Arylic on and tu adjust the loudness with the chromecast remote.

It would just be easier to only use one remote while watching TV.

thanks alot.