How to listen to headphones on Arylic a50+?


Is there anyway to listen to headphones on the Arylic a50+? I am looking for private listening for my record player. Thank you

You could possibly add a voltage dropping resistors to the speaker leads to get the amp to drive headphones, you should keep in mind that this amp was engineered to drive speakers, not headphones.
There are some commercially made headphone to speaker amp converter units available online, but personally I would look at buying a headphone amplifier and connect via the optical out on the A50+

Thanks for this, much rather go with the headphone amp. Do you have any recommendations on a budget one, under $100, that has that optical connection?

Hi Adam,
Have a look on Aliexpress and/or eBay and search for DAC with headphone amp, there are stacks under the $100 mark. Make sure you get one with optical in.
Of course if you pay a bit more than your $100, you will most probably get more features, maybe better converter chip etc.

Hi Adam,
I just realised that the optical connection is ‘in’ not out, I must apologise for misleading you.

No worries, in this case I’ll have to have a separate headphone amp that will support my record player. Thanks