How to keep the status Leds working when connecting OLED display board

Hi all,

Currently building a diy streamer using an up2stream HD Dac and want to connect the OLED display board. But when doing so the status leds stop working. However id like both for my project.

Is there a way to switch the leds back on even when the display is connected? Is this something that can be set in ACPWorkbench?

Thank you!

no… it’s designed in this way and did consider this case. Btw, why you still need the LEDs when you could read the current input on OLED display?

Thanks! It’s a shame. I’m building it into an old cyrus case and would like it to look as original as possible to fit into my other equipment. That has a led to indicate state which I therefore would like to keep.

OK, will have to find a way to power it some other way in that case.

Many thanks!