How to extend power supply jack to enclosure

Built first BT/WiFi speaker and currently just routed power cord through a hole in the enclosure. Would like to get details/ parts on how to get the power supply jack/ connection extended from amp board to a clean looking jack in the enclosure. Will soldering be required? Any help is much appreciated!

Hi Kyle

You can purchase DC sockets similar to the photo below but as you already have a hole drilled, you might need a plate (like a large washer with fixing holes) to attach it to.

Yes, most probably soldering will be required as most of those sockets have solder tabs.



Thanks Steve! Any tips on where to look for more info on how/ where to solder the wired connections? Thanks!

Hey mate,

There are a couple of things to note about those DC barrel connectors.
Firstly when you buy the connector, note that there are two common barrel connector sizes which are 5.5 mm outer sleeve diameter with 2.1mm pin diameter and 5.5mm outer sleeve diameter with 2.5mm pin diameter, so choose the size to suit your plug.
Second, note the polarity, Arylic products use the centre pin as the positive and the barrel as the negative.
The connection for the the centre pin (positive) is most commonly directly behind it. Note that on some connectors you may find two more connections one of which is the sleeve (negative) and another which is called insertion detect.
It should be an easy job to solder.

Great tips Steve. Thanks again!

I used a non soldering option on a build. I bought a pack on Amazon.

Thanks for the response Papel. I had seen those on Amazon and thats what I went with. So, when inquiring about soldering, I should have specified I was thinking of the connection to the amp board. My searches are coming up empty so far on info as to where at the power input on board to make the connections. Doesn’t appear to be any diagrams on the Arylic site either. Thanks!

Hi again Kyle,
If you are purchasing pre-made up leads like @Papel suggested, you could just connect the tails together with connectors. That way you wouldn’t need to solder.

Yes @kyleg. What @Steve1 said. I use the euro style terminal blocks. You can buy packs and cut them down for what you need

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Ah. Was trying to make it harder… It was the male pigtail part that I was missing… So simple it plum evaded me :slight_smile: Thanks so much @Papel and @Steve1 ! Looking forward to making more projects so it’s great to have helpful folks like yourselves to lean on!