How to connect to local network NAS?

How do you connect and play music files on a local NAS server? I am using a Netgear ReadyNAS 212 with DLNA and 4Stream does not see it in the My Music folder. This should be a straightforward operation but for the life of me it is not showing up.

There is a setting button on the app but that does nothing.

The S10 website on the network does not help either.

How can I play my music library on the NAS?


Update: The app will connect to the DLNA on Netgear but it is infrequent and fleeting. I admit its an old phone but my new LG TV and my very old Sony BluRay play have no problems connecting. I have a tablet running 4Stream and it exhibits the same problem. HiFi Cast is unable to find the DLNA server.