How to connect SPDIF board to HD Streamer

I have rotary encoder and SPDIF input board and would like to connect them to HD Streamer. The pins are not the same, any help, please ?

Your question is answered here: How to connect SPDIF IN board to the Upstream HD DAC

HI, did you solve you r problem? just to help in case…
You will need to ensure the transfer of the SPDIF signal (Signal-Ground) This depends on what tyoe of link you use, i.e. Coax or optical (TosLinlk).
If you use the optical link, you will need to power the the toslink receiver VCC (5V) &Ground. if you use a coax link you can directly connect the coax out & ground to the HD dac to the pins Digital-in Coax-in & gnd. (yellow ellipse)

As for a connection via Optical link, follow the green ellipses. (Opt out ->Digital-in Opt-in ; RX VCC->VCC ; GND->GND).
The differences are in the electrical level of these 2 types of connections plus, the impedance are different.
Be careful to use connections as short as possible and for the coax, a 75ohm shielded cable would limit sensitivity to interferences.
You may want to try the spif2 output and the VCC GND in the red circles, but I’m not sure it’s compatible with the input levels of the HD DAC. These are used for connecting to an Amp 2, which is not intended to receiver HD audio signals.
Hope this helps.
PS: for the rotary, I didn’t dig in…

In addition, you may notice that the Digit-in inputs a directly made for either a coax or toslink receiver… depending on your skils and input you want to use, you can desolder the optical(toslink) receiver module from the SPDIF in board, (do not heat to much!) and solder it to the HD dac (respect the pin-out) , or solder the coax directly to the board.

I manage to connect the SPDIF IN board, but rotary button encoder is not for this board