How can I disable the "sleep" delay on line in with the 2.1 module?

Ever since unboxing my AMP 2.1 module, i’ve noticed that there’s an issue with the speaker output being delayed a few seconds when audio via line in resumes.

Here’s how you can reproduce/test this:

  • Play anything through the speakers via line in
  • Pause the media play back
  • Wait several seconds (seems to be 10 or so)
  • Resume playing the media
  • Observe that the speaker output is not immediately live
  • Wait about 2-5 seconds
  • The speakers will now be live

I’m assuming that there is some sort of power saving function that turns the amp off/down when there is no input detected and whatever software detects an input is “live” again takes a few seconds to make sure it wasn’t a POP noise like you might get when inserting/removing a connector.

Is there a way to disable this function or at least minimize the time it takes for the speakers to become live after the line-in signal is live?

It’s really annoying to click the “play/resume” button on a video or other media source and immediately see the video resume but the audio does not come in until a few seconds later!

EDIT: I am currently running firmware version 4.6.415145.35