Home Assistant integratio available

it should reboot the whole device including the base board and the wifi module.

I know this is a somehow old topic, but the work here is amazing, I try to implement it in the following weeks.

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Hi @Beto113 Roberto,

Welcome to the Community. There is a lot of people doing interesting stuff here :slight_smile:

If you run into any problems or need some help just post here.

Good Luck, Kevin

@robi Thank you for making great integration,
By the way, does this integration support A30, SA100 and M400?
Thank you.

I don’t know because I don’t have such devices.

Yes. I plan to order some more product to test the compatibility. Now waiting for the sample to test and give you the result.
Thank you.

The integration for Home Assistant has been recently updated.

Also If TTS audio is being cut off at the beginning, here’s a tip to handle that: LinkPlay Integration - #420 by robi - Feature Requests - Home Assistant Community

Hi, did you manage to confirm if the m400 worked withe the integration and HA?

No because I don’t have such a device.

First of all, thanks to robi for a great job.
And now my question :innocent:. Is it possible to add WiiM support? The difference is only in the use of https in requests. The hardware ID is also different. Perhaps this could be used to select the desired protocol.

“hardware”: “ALLWINNER-R328”

I tried a command to create a multiroom from different devices.


It works without any problems.

Does anyone know how i can send a simple MP3 or wav file to this device from home assistant?