Hiss, noise, buzz problem in my up2steram amp mono/stereo 4th generation

Hello, I just bought 2 pcs. up2stream 4th generation mono/stereo… and I have a problem with buzzing and noise from the speakers (JBL stage 2) connected to up2stream 4th generation mono/stereo…

The noise is always there, it appears immediately after connecting the power supply.

when I quietly listen to music from Spotify - there is noise, buzz

I use a 96W 24V 4A power supply. I tested on several different power supplies and changed test rooms/houses

This is frustrating

While a certain level of noise is inherent in any audio signal, such as amplifier gain, the noticeable hum and hiss in audio speakers are typically caused by issues like subpar wiring, ground loops, or other forms of electromagnetic interference. Examples include AC line hum, RF interference, and disturbances from USB and computer-generated noise, does your noise sound like it’s at mains frequency (50/60Hz)?

You may want to try moving the power supply around to see if it makes any difference? And is your wifi the only signal source being used?

hello, as I wrote, the amplifier is only connected to LAN RJ45 (I don’t use wifi - but I don’t know if and how to turn off wifi in the amplifier).
As I wrote earlier, I tested the amplifier in another house, with a different power supply and with different speakers.
The noise appears immediately after voltage is applied (I don’t have to play any audio).

The cables are well connected

If this has been the case since you purchased the unit then I would recommend you contact Arylic customer support (info@arylic.com) and ask for a replacement.

I have the same Problem with my Plate Amp 2.1.

I think its the board itself. Its gone after like 30 seconds, when the board goes to sleeping mode. On low volume you can hear it but when you turn up the volume it fades into the music.
Im trying to disable Wifi on the board. Maybe that helps…

I also measured the hissing noise and its at exactly 3.000hz.
I tried to notch it down in the audio settings but it doesnt matter because its there even when you play nothing.