Help Needed with Speaker Drivers

Hi everyone,

I want to create a Bluetooth / Airplay speaker box and to do it have bought an Up2Stream Amp Stereo, the Volume Knob Board and 24v/4.16a power adapter. However while I’m good with the woodwork, I’m a complete beginner when it comes to the electronics side of things.

Looking for speaker drivers I’m getting a bit lost at what I need to buy? I don’t want to go particularly expensive, but equally I want it to sound good. To keep things simple I’ve figured full range drivers would be best.

So far I’ve narrowed it down to these Markaudio CHN-50 full range drivers but this is largely influence by the company linked selling a kit containing an Arylic plate amp with these. However the power is listed at 7 watts which seems low compared to what I’ve seen in other projects. Does the power supply I’m using influence the drivers needed?

Any recommendations for drivers available in the UK, or advice on what I should be looking for to know they would work well? Does the watts just need to be less than the 2-30 watts the Amp does, and how does the 8-Ω affect things?

Any other recommendation on things I will need also welcome. I think I need some reflect port tubes (although unsure why), speaker cable and felt lining (is this essential?).


Hi Tim,
I’ve built quite a few sets of full range speakers in the past all of which I have been really happy with.

I’ve used Tang Band W4-1320SJ 4” drivers in Emil Attlid ‘Swift’ design enclosures, Dayton Audio RS100 in a cabinet design similar to one I found online and Mark Audio CHR-70’s in hyper bass enclosures (pictured below)
They are all good, but I think my favourite is the Tang Band’s.

You need to consider the power and impedence of speaker, with a 24V supply I think that that amp will have max power of 30W into 8ohm, and 50W into 4ohm so choose driver power rating above what the amp will deliver.

As far as ports, stuffing etc., most designs that I have found give you port sizes/lengths tuned to get the best bass response and recommendations for amounts of fill.

Hope this helps a little?


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