HD-DAC dimensions and more

Hi All

I recently acquired the HD-DAC and it is a clear update from the mini- Arylic streamer that have used so far:

A. Even when I listen from Spotify Connect with the “not hi-res” music it is clearly an update to the sound of the mini-stream, that I actually already liked. If it is the DAC-chip, the layout or something else i unknown. (used a stand 5V-supply for both)

B. Also tried it with Apple Hi-Res music and that is VERY nice and sounds extremely good. Well done, Arylic.

However, I want to build it into a suitable cabinet, but I am having a hard time with the Arylic support giving me the “back-side” dimension of the board. Does anyone have them ?.

This is what I am looking for (very basic) :slight_smile:


Hi Thomas, Thanks for the feedback, I’ll try to find out the dimensions for you.

This is the dimension document I’ve found, please check if it’s enough.

Hi Thomas, this is the DXF file of the PCB.