Has somebody measured the volume of the Up2Stream Plate amp?

I need it for some calculations before I buy it.

Just in case you mean the “Plate 2.1” version, I took the following measurements at mine:
Height: 134mm
Width: 149mm
Depth: 40,5mm (including plate; plate thickness is 3mm)

If you mean the “non 2.1” Plate (that is a 2.0 amplifier with integrated power supply), then I do not have the measurements. I had one in my hands a couple of weeks ago but its no longer in my posession. As far as I remember, the depth was larger than the one of the 2.1 Plate due to the power supply.

Regards, Sven

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Thanks for the reply, Sven.

Its the non 2.1. The dimensions of the amp are available online but if I calculate the volume like a cuboid there is some air space that is wasted since it is shaped like an L. So what I did was halving that cuboid volume, which comes up to 450 cm2. I don’t know if that is right though.

450 cm2 sounds like a reasonable upper limit. Considering that the part of the device that goes into the box is smaller than the plate it should be more towards 300-350 cm2.

May I ask for the reason you need the correct volume?

Regards, Sven