Hardlink / cascade 2 or more Up2Stream Amp2.1

Hello everyone,

I use the AMP2.1 for several projects and plan to use it in many more. However, I need a way to connect multiple AMP2.1 units together, directly and not over Wi-Fi.

I’ve already tried setting the SPDIF pins of one AMP2.1 to “output” and then feeding another AMP2.1 with it. Unfortunately, the second unit only receives the “post-fader” signal, which means it comes after the volume control of the first unit. This means I can never make the second room louder than the first, which is impractical. Additionally, the SPDIF output stops working as soon as I use the first AMP2.1 via USB from my PC – and I need that functionality.

Is there another way to directly link multiple Up2Stream boards? If not, I’m open to an analog solution, but digital would be preferable.

Looking forward to your responses, experiences, and help.

Best regards,
Andreas from Bavaria :slight_smile:

In one project i have several Amp 2.0 and 2.1. For hard connect i use one S10 as streamer and the lineout from him is splited and goes to all amps in line in input. It works.

Yes, that certainly works, but it’s not what I want.

  1. This results in unnecessary loss of quality due to the analog connection, especially when I’m already going digital via USB/SPDIF into the Arylic board.

  2. In that case, I wouldn’t really need the Arylic boards for amplification.

A simple “hardlink” from board to board would make a lot of sense, especially for real multi-room applications with multiple amplifier boards in a rack.

Currently, I’m solving this by connecting the boards to the same Wi-Fi network and linking them via app. However, it feels like an indirect solution and not a clean one.

Unfortunately, this significantly limits the use case for the amplifier boards.