HA Volume Output Schedule

Hi all, I’ve ordered the S50 Pro+ and I intend on installing LinkPlay integration on my Home Assistant setup to create a schedule to control the volume on different days/times.

Has anyone done this?

Also, is it possible to disable/lock the Bluetooth/Wifi connections as I only want to use the RCA Phono input and don’t want to allow anyone to connect to the S50, is this possible?

If there’s no setting within the app etc then maybe just disconnecting these antenna cables would be enough to prevent wifi/bluetooth connections?

I have the S10, but I did something similar with HA. I’m playing music in-sync to my holiday lightshow on an outdoor speaker. I wanted to have the volume at a reasonable, audible-from-across-the-street level early in the evening, then incrementally reduce the volume over time as it gets later in the evening so as not to disturb my neighbors too much.

The LinkPlay integration works great. It’s creates a media_player entity. From there, use media_player.volume_set like:

service: media_player.volume_set
  volume_level: .6
  device_id: [your device]

In my case, I created an input_select populated with .9, .8, .7, .6. Then I use a template to pull the volume level from the currently selected input_select option.

At show start up each night, input_select.select_first (to set volume at loudest). Then, I use a time trigger every hour after 8pm to input_select.select_next (effectively reducing the volume a notch every hour) until the show shuts down automatically at 10pm on weeknights(or 12am on weekends.

So yeah, you can set the volume with time-based triggers pretty easily.

Hi ctx, thanks for your reply.

The HA information is very useful thanks.

I have discovered NodeRed and for my application, it’s better to use a Raspberry Pi running Node Red to send HTTP API requests over the network to schedule volume at specific times.

Node Red is amazing, and perfect for this kind of automation!

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