H50 says "upgrade"

I have a new H50. My use case - play spotify to connected ceiling speakers. The H50 is hidden behind a couch. For a few week all was good. Now I need to manually turn the unit off/on and then I can play music via spotify. The screen says “upgrade” when its not playing. The app says music is playing but no sound. Any suggestions on how to fix this. I have to move the couch, climb over and turn unit off/on every time.

This is really bad… please write me a mail (frank@arylic.com) for it should not be the common case, so no need to discuss in forum.

I sent A email to you Please respond when you can.

Any help here

Hi Eson, I actually received some mail and replied, but I’m not sure which one is you. Could you send me a mail again? Could mention your forum account to make sure.