H50 remarks

I just received my product yesterday and I have some remarks regarding this product.
Product is pretty but the ON/OFF button seems very cheap.
In my confirguration, I only use HDMI ARC + airplay + 4Stream with ethernet.
I’m waiting for 4Stream to work with deezer app but I can see there are another threads on this problem.
HDMI ARC is awesome as it can wakeup the system with TV. That’s a real advantage.

Here are some questions :

  • Why can’t airplay or 4Stream wakeup the H50 without poweron with remote sensor (ARC can) ?
  • Can’t H50 swith from airplay back to ARC without using remote or app ?
    If I switch on TV, I would prefer that H50 switch to ARC even if airplay was playing. Maybe you could add a priority between sources in the device configuration.
  • Is it possible to use H50 screen to print airplay contents (artist/song) instead of “AIRPLAY” ?
  • Powering on with TV ARC mode lasts nearly 10s and plays a configuration speech. Is it possible to remove it to reduce powering on duration ?
  • 4Stream app : Why did you put device source at the real bottom of “Browse” page instead of “Device” page ?

Sorry if there are some french<->english wrong traductions.

Hi everyone,

I fully agree with @ben1 .

My additional comments and feedback:

This is super annoying - I switch the TV off, which puts H50 to sleep - unfortunatelly it can’t wake up over the network for some reason, only by remote, or pushing the wheel directly.

This would be nice for Spotify/Tidal connect as well :thinking:

I suppose, you’ve connected the H50 over LAN directly? I did the same thing and the setup prompt was annoyng - workaround to this is to turn off the device, unplug LAN, turn it back on and doing the wifi setup through 4stream. Than you can plug LAN back. BUT the device always first tries to connect to wifi, before it realizes LAN is available - this should be fixed as well if possible.
I’ve noticed the same behavior on Up2Stream HD. On this device I’ve even tried unpluging the doughter board for wifi and the device does not even boot without it.
Maybe the option to turn off wifi in all these devices would be nice, please :pray: OR give give LAN priority (check first)
I use everything I can on LAN.

This is the case with all the devices, the 4stream app is hit and miss in therms of UI design. :sweat_smile:

Last point from my perspective is that the ARC power on is ureliable sometimes and it could be faster. My smart TV boots from cold faster than the H50.

Otherwise I’m very happy with this device, but these annoying “bugs” are taking away from the experience. It drives my wife crazy and I can’t have that. Before I was using A50 for the tv over line, but that was ON nonstop, so that we would not need a separate remote. With the H50 you need it sometimes, which is more annoying than always :sweat_smile:
Arylic, please fix :pray::pray::pray: I beg you.

I had an old Denon CEOL (RCD N7) that died 2 weeks ago. This device was maybe the first airplay digital amplifer on the market (2011). It had the airplay wakeup, the content display and it returned to previous source when ariplay session was finished (but it didn’t have HDMI ARC). It’s strange that this kind of features are not applied by default on devices 12 years later.
Here when we use airplay, device source changes to “Wifi” icon in 4stream app (even if I don’t use wifi) and it doesn’t come back to ARC once finished.

I really hope those features will be implemented soon with a new firmware update.
Content display would be nice but it’s not “annoying”.
Airplay/spotify/tidal wakeup, priorization of source and an option to turn off wifi are really mandatory for users. When we buy a H50 device, we want everything configured automaticaly without having a remote sensor just to wake up and change source.

So as vonRoX just said : Arylic, please fix :pray::pray::pray: I beg you.

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I can add :

  • Mute device is immediate but unmute lasts 1 or 2 seconds.
  • Put device to sleep takes 1 or 2 seconds. If you press the sleep button on the remote sensor twice, it immediatly wakes up device so it happened to me to press 5 times the button to stop it (stop/start/stop/start/stop) as I don’t know if the sleep information has been received by device.
  • As said in another thread, HTTP API is not available even if it’s indicated in the commercial page.
  • Is it possible to add a better Equalizer with more options ? If possible, EQ available for each source (I need more bass for Airplay music but less for TV ARC).
  • Add lots of low sound level. I don’t want to disturb neighboors when I listen music late at night. But even lowest level is far too much.

@Arylic Do you plan a firmware upgrade soon ? At least, just a message to know if you take care of all these remarks.

New firmware arrived : 4.6.521559.56
At least it gives access to the 10 band EQ instead of the few points of trebble/bass.
I didn’t test all my previous remarks.

The two main problems are still unresolved :rage:

  • Airplay/Tidal/Spotify can’t wakeup device even if HDMI ARC can.
  • Device can’t switch automatically (For exemple : Airplay to HDMI ARC if there is a signal). HDMI ARC doesn’t wake up device if source was not on “ARC” before switch off. Device doesn’t go to sleep after long unused airplay session.

Remote sensor must still be there just to wakeup and switch source :cry:

Partially solved : no configuration message at HDMI ARC startup but still very long (even more than before, maybe 15s). I can still see the wifi configuration at startup so no LAN priority. Strange, I thought it could have been one of the easiest improvement to add.

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll look into these issues. And some quick comments:

  • HDMI ARC loading time, this depends on the time when TV notify device with POWER ON message, so H50 can’t do anything.
  • And about airplay wakeup, while power off, we’ll shutdown all the power including the network… so it’s not possible to wake up via network. Or else, maybe keep the device alive but that will consume more power.
  • The HTTP API is available in the beginning, but it’s turned off while we’re doing the Work with Alexa certification, it does not meet the security requirement. So we can’t enable the API, it’s not expected in our mind also.

Since the device has a physical switch in the front, I feel like the sleep state could be somewhere in between… Power saving, but still usable. I’m shutting down the switch when I’m leaving the house for longer time.
At the moment I solved this by disabling syncing of power off state in the HDMI CEC settings on the TV, so that the H50 stays on while we’re at home. This results in no need to wait for the device to boot with HDMI and network features ale always available.

One more thing I don’t know if it is TV related or a issue with the H50 is that everytime there is no audio output for a few seconds, it takes few seconds to start outputting sound when the playback starts again… e.g. pause a movie to go grab a drink, come back, hit play and a few lines of dialog are just silent.

Hi, I’m considering the H50 but one feature it must have is switching from arc to airplay and then back again. You say the network and HDMI are always available, but will it switch inputs or do you need to manually change from hdmi to network and then back? Thanks for any insight.

If you keep the device ON, than network features will be availbale, no matter which input is selected.
The problem is, if your TV is set to turn off connected devices via HDMI CEC - if you turn off TV it will turn of the H50 as well and than you need to power it back on to use network features like airplay or spotify connect. But this can be dissabled in the TV settings, infortunately it means the device will be always powered on…

Thanks for the clarification! That will work for my needs. Too bad it can’t wake up from standby but otherwise it’s what I need. I’m using a b50 now, and although it sounds great, the inputs need to be changed manually which isn’t working out for my family.

Going back to HDMI ARC is a manual process… just to make that clear.
But you can use the remote or the dial on the unit.