H50 ARC audio delay

Overall very happy with this versatile little amp, however there is a noticeable audio delay while watching tv in ARC mode. Is there any way to synchronize audio to video? I’ve looked through the forum but don’t see any solutions, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

It would be great to have some, but there are virtually no useful accessible options/adjustments for the H50.

Audio sync is generally an option in your TVs settings however, or your media streamer if you’re using one. I have my TV set to 300ms of delay to account for how slow the H50 is, and this seems to be spot on.

I imagine an option isn’t possible on the H50 to offset the audio as it’s the H50 that is lagging behind, so only making the display slow down the video to match is possible.

I wish there were more options to adjust ARC related settings. I use a new TCL C845 TV, and the ‘popping’ of the subwoofer that’s very negatively mentioned in some YouTube reviews (which wakes up the neighbourhood and may damage the subwoofer) makes ARC difficult to use, as I have no option to disable to amp turning off with the TV. Turning off the ‘device standby’ setting on the TV still makes the H50 turn off with the TV - this may be the TVs own CEC issues, but adjustment on the H50 end would be great to assist here. Playing around with CEC settings, the best I’ve been able to achieve is the H50 going into ‘mute’ instead of power off when I turn the TV off, but then the mute button must be manually hit when the TV is turned back on! Sending manual IR automation commands is probably my only smooth fix.

Thanks very much for your helpful and detailed reply! I just ordered a powered sub, and not happy to hear about the pop. I guess I’ll have to hook it up and see if I’ll need to return this amp and look for other options.

I guess I’ll have to live with the slight audio delay for now or just use the tv speakers. Too bad, because I really had high hopes for this little amp.