H50 and wired speakers video/audio sync question

I am planning to buy H50 for my PC use. One thing I do want to know is that would I get the lip sync issue if I have my PC to use optical connecting to H50? Two passive speakers will be wired to the H50. There will be no wireless involved here. Or connecting via the USB C to the PC would avoid video/audio sync issue?

I just want to know if I would get video/audio sync issue when playing video or games on PC. Thanks.


Did yu buy?

No, because I cant’ find out if there is sync issue…

I don’t believe that you would have any issues with what you are proposing.
You mentioned WIFI, you are correct in assuming that in some cases/setups some latency issues can occur.

If you’re planning to use the H50 with your PC and connect via optical or USB C, you shouldn’t experience significant lip sync issues. Both connections typically provide low latency. Using USB C might offer even better sync and reliability since it handles both audio and control data directly with your PC, ensuring minimal delay. So, for the best performance and to avoid potential sync issues, connecting via USB C is a solid choice.