H50 Alexa and Amazon Music

I just received my H50 and I’m having problems getting Amazon Music to play via asking Alexa.

I have no problems with streaming Amazon Music using the 4stream app, or asking Alexa to play other streaming sources on the H50. But if I ask Alexa to play Amazon Music on the H50, I get a message saying Alexa can’t connect to Amazon Music.

The other odd thing is Alexa will play Amazon music trough the H50, if I ask to play music everywhere or add the H50 to a group of other speakers. If I specifically ask to play on the H50, or I set the H50 as the default speaker for a room, I get the cant connect to Amazon Music error.

This only seems to happen with Amazon Music, I tried asking Alexa to play IHeartRadio on the H50 and it worked as expected.

Any thoughts on this? Does any one have an H50 working with Amazon Music and Alexa?

Hi, is this issue solved in the recent firmware update? I’m not sure for what’s going on, but you could try to do this process again and send a feedback on APP.

I updated the firmware today and tried again with the same results. It plays other services fine when I ask Alexa, but not Amazon Music.

Are there any updates on this?

I bought this amplifier for 2 things, ARC connection and WiFi music streaming with Alexa.

I can only get Amazon Music to stream inside the 4 stream app or as part of a group. Even using the 4 stream app, I have to sign out and back into my Amazon account for it to work.

I would like to tell the Echo Dot in the bedroom to play music from Amazon Music and have the music play on the H50. This works for other streaming services just not Amazon Music.