Group volume for two amp v4 with one bluetooth connection

Hello everybody,

I have realized a speaker project with two 2 way omni directional speakers. Each of them has an amp v4 and with help of ACP I was able to do the crossover between the woofer and the mid/highs.
The sound is good and if I have a WiFi connection everything works great but I have build these speakers for my wife and she needs them in another spot. The only way is to create a group over wifi between the two speakers and the input is coming over bluetooth the one of the speakers.
Here comes the problem:
I can only change the volume on the bluetooth connected speaker (amp) but it does not change on the second speaker (which is connected to the first over wifi). Is there a way I can manage this with the actual firmware? Other than that I’m happy with the outcome and also the sound quality.

By the way, could the buffer for streaming (Tidal/Qobuz) be increased? We have sometime hick-ups.

Thank you all in advance.

Hi Eugen,
I’m a bit confused, so both speakers are on the same network and you have grouped them together on the app, but the volume control on the app only changes the volume on one speaker correct?
Not that it makes any difference, just wondering why you are using Bluetooth for the music source?

Hello Steve,

yes that is right. The WIFI network is only between both amplifiers and the source is bluetooth as we do not have another internet connection at this facility.


So can you adjust the volume to each of the speakers separately with the app?

This works not reliable and I would like to avoid this as I would need to get in Wifi connection each time with one of the two amps to modify the volume for both.

So from what you are saying, it doesn’t appear that you have a permanent wifi connection to both speakers? You need to have this if you want the grouped volume to work.

Hello Steve,

thank you, not what I wanted to hear but at least I now what I have to organise :wink:


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