Group volume control with the volume knob board?

Hi folks.

I wanna control the group volume from one volume knob.
Tha volume knob is now connected to one of my 7 Up2SminiV3. I can control the volume of the connected Up2SminiV3 but I don’t see any setting (neither in the 4Stream app nor in the ACP) to control the group volume through the volume knob? :thinking:

Controlling the volume for a group of devices, from a device, I’m sure this isn’t possible. Volume control on a device is for that device only, because it is “seeing” only itself in the local network (and the volume knob is hard wired to it).

Controlling volume from an app is like acting as a conductor who is seeing the entire orchestra. Only from that perspective - seeing all devices! - the conductor is able to manage a single device or groups of devices.

Only from that perspective you can select a group of devices (there might be more than one group) to control them. Currently, the API doesn’t provide any function to assign a group of devices to a hard wired volume knob on a dedicated device.

@zpl1025 Please correct me if I am wrong about this.

UPDATE: I think, if the device with volume knob is the master of a group of devices, then it might be possible changing the volume on this device will change the volume of the entire group. But I’m not sure (because of untested) at the moment.

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This is a requirement when user try to use the boards for paired desk speakers, and the 2 speakers are placed in one room for left and right channel, and for sure he might want to sync volume between speakers. But consider some other user use these boards in different rooms, he shoudl not want people in another room adjust volume for his room. And this is a conflict setting and need to expost to let user choose. And there’s a such option actually, you can try to send this command via ACPWorkbench VOS:1 and see if it’s working.

Is it possible to program a function in the firmware, that can change the group volume only when you keep the volume knob pushed?

Would be really nice. Turn = local volume. Turn while pushing = group volume.

This push button has been used to switch mode, and btw it’s too complicated for user in my mind :slight_smile:

And did you try the VOS:1 command?

Hello zpl1025, I converted the command to Hex which is 564F533A31, sent it via ACPworkbench, but nothing happened…
Is there anything special to do ?
Volume know on an Amp Mono, grouped with a uptostream pro. Only the amp volume is adusted.

no need to convert to HEX, try send VOS:1