Google Voice Command

I make most of my projects with Up2Stream Mini v3.
But I would love to implement Google ‘voice command’ to stream music by using voice commands.

Anyone who has experience?

I have a little bit experience on it.
I have a google home mini and a up2stream amp at home, in the google home app you can preset a default speaker that plays the music. At home, I ask for the music to the google home and you can use all the voice commands, but the music plays in the up2stream speaker, with this combination it’s easy to implement.

I hope this helps you.


Thnx Joanb14.

Good to know that the setup for voice commands works with the Up2Stream Amp.
I have tested extensively if this could also be done with the Up2Stream Mini. But so far I have not succeeded. From my contacts with Arylic, I know that some update on the Up2Stream HW was needed to support Google Voice Command. I am not sure when this will happen on the Mini.

The other thing that is important, is that when I use Google Voice Command, the music streaming still goes over WiFi (not Bluetooth). So what I need is that when I select my standard speaker via my Google Home Mini, I can select my Up2Stream speaker as a WiFi speaker.

Does anyone know more about this?
I hope an Arylic member can also respond?

@KolfMAKER I have had success with Google Home and UpStream Amp. I have a mini so I will test later.

The only method available currently is via Bluetooth. The Arylic Hardware and software does currently have the “Google Cast” functionality which is the streaming protocol that Chromecast Devices use to accept a stream from Google Home.

This is identical to the current situation will Amazon Alexa Voice Control = Bluetooth only.


@KolfMAKER I have tested the mini I have and it works on Google Home when the Device Settings in the Nest Mini .

Settings >> Audio >> Default Music Speaker >> Pair Mini as a Bluetooth Speaker (mini set to BT Mode)

Nest Mini
firmware version 250118
Cast firmware version 1.54.250118

Arylic Mini
firmware 4.2.9326.26

I think that is the best you will do for now. I am kind of on the fence on this Issue. It is a can of worms. 20 Years ago the only streaming protocols commonly used were DLNA & Apple Airplay (which Arylic happily support). Google chose deliberately not to implement DLNA and invent the “Google Cast” protocol (as they also wanted to sell hardware e.g. Chromecast in particular).

I am not sure what the implications of this for a manufacturer like Arylic. Do they have to pay Google a “license fee” ? Is there a significant Development cost too ?

And I haven’t even mentioned Amazon yet !! So while there is a battle for voice control hardware with Google, Amazon & Apple and upselling additional Smart Home Hardware we will always be at some extent limited in what we can buy that works seamlessly with one or the other.

I am investigating an using an Open Source Voice Assistant. It’s early days but might be useful at some stage in the future.

Hope this helps


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Thanks a lot Kevin. This is very helpful information!

I am surprised you managed to get Voice Control working with the Google Home Mini & Arylic Up2Stream Mini. But this is good news.
If I read your steps, I tried it the same way. But I think there is a difference in the firmware version I might have on my Google Mini. So I will check and come back.

Thnx again!

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